What is Hemp Oil Caviar?

Caviar is a small round bead filled with nano-emulsified cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant and includes a vitamin blend. Caviar is meant to be pressed against the teeth releasing the blend of cannabinoids in hemp oil and vitamins to be absorbed in the mouth for a much quicker absorption than oral ingestion.

Why do you nano-emulsify the cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids in hemp oil is normally a very large molecule and as such, without nano-emulsification, it only has an approximate 6% bioavailability to the body. However, when the cannabinoid is nano-emulsified, like Caviar, the bioavailability increases allowing more to become available for the body to use. It is estimated that nano-emulsion technology can increase bioavailability in the body by up to 10x.


What is the recommended serving size?

People enjoy taking 1-2 beads(5-10mgs) as needed to get their Hemp Oil, usually consuming 1 serving in the morning and one in the evening before bed.

Nano Emulsified

Quick Absorption

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Hemp Oil CAVIAR!

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